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What kind of money do professional international basketball players make?

What kind of money do professional international basketball players make?
I am wondering how much players can make playing overseas or in places like Mexico and Canada. Also, what is the competition like in these areas compared to NCAA D2 and D3. Thanks for NO HELP everyone. First of all Allen Iverson doesn't make 45 Mil/ yr. He just got a new contract for 76 in 4 yrs. Simple math is 76/4 = 19/yr. Also, I know Mexico and Canada are not overseas, that is why I clearly said in places overseas or in Mexico or Canada. Hence the 'or'. They also don't play for their food, there are other places in the world that are civilized. I am glad Yahoo answers has turned into a site of illiterate idiots talking out of their a** to try to sound important.
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Kevin Garnett makes about 21 million dollars a year. Shaq makes about 20 million dollars a year. Kobe Bryant makes about 18 million dollars a year.
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Well, first off, Canada and Mexico are not overseas, and secoundly, you get paid by how much they think you deserve, how much potential you have. There is no fixed salary. And Kevin Garnett doesn't make anything compared to Shaquille O'neal and Allen Iverson--25 Million a year. (KG makes 18 Million)
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they don't play for money, they usually play for food or their freedom. so that makes the competition fierce, which is why they play so much harder than americans.
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There is a very wide range there. First of all if it's something you want to do get into - there are agents that represent guys that are looking to go overseas. In some places they play for very little - and it's not entirely rare to get screwed by a team and never get your paycheck - especially if you don't have an agent. Another thing that makes it more difficult is that most of these teams only allow 2 Americans per squad, but I think they are increasing that number. There are also different levels over there - just about each country in Europe has at least 2 or 3 leagues. Players on the lower level teams probably make about 20-30,000 a year (for about 8-9 months of work). In the upper levels, the amount can get up to above 6 digits, but even the best American's that start out over there have to work their way up the ladder. Also, there is an incredibly high turnover rate for players - i know of several good D-1 players that have been dropped by teams. Overall, I would say that the most of the American's playing over there are generally D-1 or D-2 guys that were either all-league in smaller conferences or just normal players for big-name schools.
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In my part of the world, Eastern Europe (specifically the Balkans), the star player on the team gets a good $300K a year. But don't be fooled by that number because you can do alot more with a dollar in Eastern Europe than you can in the United States. A person who's payed $300K in east Europe can live like a millionaire in the US. When it comes to competition, I don't know how to compare because of the different style of play. Think about this, one of the better Bosnian centers is entering the NBA draft this year and he's expected to get picked late 2nd round. That might help you. Then again it depends where you want to go and what style of play you prefer. In Germany you'll get paid more than in Poland but the competition is greater so the pay has to be better too. I hope I answered your question, if you have any questions about basketball in Europe, just ask me and I think I can help.